Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WHY Men lie

One day, when trees are cut down, a lumberjack wood kapaknya lost due to falling river. Then he wept and prayed, so that the god appears. "Why are you crying?" The lumberjack wood while terisak told that the chopper as a source of income was the only one to fall river. Then god disappeared and appears to bring back the gold ax. "Is this your ax?" "No, god" Then the god appeared to bring back silver ax. "Is this your ax?" "No, god" Then the god issue an ax with the ugly grip of iron, wood and "Is this your ax?" "Yes, god, I correct this hatchet" "You people honestly, so I will give this third hatchet as a reward for your honesty" Men are very grateful and happy with the return. Several days later when the river ford, and his wife fell out. Again, the woodcutter wood weep and pray. Then the god appeared. "Why are you crying?" "My wife
the only one that I love to drop the river, god "Then the gods disappeared into the river and appears again with Jennifer Lopez" Is this your wife? "" Yes, god "Then the gods angry and said," You lie, where to go its your honesty ? "Men are trembling with fear and said," god, if I said earlier, the gods will bring back with Britney Spears, and if at that time I also said it does not, god will bring my wife back the original, and if I said that when so, god will give the third to be my wife. I am a poor man, god, I can not be beatify three wives .....

"Moral of the story: Men lie for the sake of happiness of others .....

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