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Prospect mutual funds

Indonesia does not in fact the market had lost potential. Imagine a huge market (216 million population) with the patterns and habits of consumption. Take only 10% (do not compare with 35% of Malaysia) as a prospective consumer with the average flat subscription ^ 1 million rupiah. From there the funds collected can only Rp 21.6 trillion, accounting for approximately 10% of the 1998/1999 Budget year. But without awareness especially product knowledge sufficient potential simply sheer numbers without meaning. Siilah on the importance of education for the public. This responsibility should not only diemban by Pemenntah but also by all the parties concerned. Moreover pemenntah senngkali, more inclined to run political interest in public policy rather than policy. For the Investment Manager, it's good to be part of the income market education. Give the hook may not fish in your pond will be in the country uncle Sam, the school becomes an agent in introducing strategic Rekasa fund for children and adolescents. Never too early, according to the manager for Mutual Funds target market, because the purpose of investment is not simply their own long term but very long term. Indeed, the indicator of profit growth and security factors, it is not difficult to convince parents in selecting Mutual Fund as the future of their children's future 5, 10 even 20 years later. Only a few Mutual Funds that are among the Young First Timer as Legg Masson Value Trust or Harbor Capital Appreciation (. Mutual Fund Magazine, September 1998, under the header "Your First Fund"). In some European countries even anak-anak/remaja have bargaining to select companies that share their passion. For example, in the Netherlands, Robecco Young Dinamic Group publishes Fund. Mutual funds include stock-stock company, known as teenagers Nike, Nintendo and Tamagochi.
Therefore, brisk enough to hear the capital market authorities are menggodok curriculum specific to the capital market SMU students. From there, it is expected that the knowledge of the capital market and Mutual Funds from the student can terdongkrak.

Back in the Risk Return (unbalanced Results), which Retrieved

Before the Mutual Funds have the capitalist always advisable to read the prospectus. Termuat there has any information about such risk is the risk of lopsided results berfluktuasinya
RD and market risks that affect the portfolio. But seems not so easy for investors to translate the risk. While many in the academic literature that the model has been developed, among others, by William Sharpe and Jack Treynor L (see "Can Mutual Fund Outguess the Market", Harvard Business Review, July-August 1966), which was then known as the ratio / Sharpe ratio and Treynor .
Ratio is simply explain that the results must be unbalanced with the risk. The greater the ratio of lopsided results and risks, the better the performance of Mutual funds. Represented by Imbalhasil (return performance); the risk of fluctuations obtained with the calculate the standard deviation, while the market risk represented by beta. As illustrasi, two RD "A" and "B", each have a lopsided result on average per year 20% and 25% and the average monthly standard deviation is 10% and 20%. Direct result of lopsided RD "B" more interesting, but if you consider the risk factors is RD "A" is better (and 2 ratio 1.25). With a calculator or Microsoft Excel we can also easily calculated. The risk is what should be the duty manager for the Investment menginformasikannya to investors or at least is right for investors to find out. Sebagaicontoh, if information visit the international Mutual Funds loaded Bloomberg, RD always seem that lopsided results show that while the risk is related transaparan, both beta and the Sharpe ratio.
Journalists also need to memuatnya as public consumption, to describe a full profile Mutual Funds that have been outstanding so far. only needed a little additional calculation that can tersaji information terebut for the community.
Has published more than 90 Mutual Funds. How can know the quality of the capitalist a Mutual Fund other than that, still quite dark. Mutual Funds report issued every day (in the Bisnis Indonesia daily) are not enough to be a reference. Needs to be done on pemeringkatan idependen RD seperri for example by the Morning-star, the company pemeringkat Mutual Funds dub themselves "your first second opinion" or Lipper Analytical Services reported that routinely ranked RD International, or what the Pefindo to Obligfisi / Commercial Paper-nting the load is balanced as well as the performance risk of the Mutual Fund bersangkutan.Memang use rating on Mutual Funds are very dependent from the industry speed the development of Mutual Fund itself. Ratings umuk can help investors feel more comfortable with mvestasi they do, get unmk opinion that idependen, unmk decision making and a more well informed and information about the Mutual Fund for the Fund more transparent Manager, ratings can be a trigger for menghasdkan best performance, the credibility and reputation as well as a powerful marketing tool positioned in the Mutual Funds that they manage in the market, let alone independent denganhasil rating of good

Changing the Paradigm in Community Investing
There is a constraint which is critical in the development of Mutual Funds in India, the changing perception of the investing habits on the deposits. Paradigm is marked by the needs of a particular result (investment insurance), the absence of a decline because of the risk tolerance of damage (although still on the trust of the public investment in Mutual Funds from 1998 to 2000. This is the fruit of marketeducation may have been planted since that time. Although saatnyamemedk not all that has and will continue to be planted, not the preferences of the investment community began to see increased RD "unrealized loss") habit and invest short-term (not ebih than one year), and to not have the investment costs will apply in advance (such as Like selling fees). Although the fact may be so now and deposits relatively less attractive, but the paradigm as a deposit of instruments of investment risk-free conditions in the middle of the gonjang-ganjing plus the experience of "nikmatnya" a deposit in 1998 where the public can obtain ringkat tribe interest of more than 50%, making it difficult for people to turn in the other instruments. Isn'T people who are limited knowledgenya product, which they have rahu Mutual Fund and its benefits dankerugiannya is still relatively serious raguu to invest in Mutual Funds.
Developing Spirituality (Trust) Public
Is still a big question mark, but interesting to disimak research reports sebuh leading national magazine on the trust of the public investment in Mutual Funds from 1998 to 2000. This is probably the fruit of the education market that has long been planted. Although not all the time memedk has and will continue to be planted, most tidakpreferensi investment community began to look to the RD meningkatDari the Investment Manager, which in this case berdndak on behalf of investors, RD also positioned itself. Even some of them are optimistic that the RD can be a profitable alternative investment such as a loaded magazine Investor (EdisiJanuari 2000). Although not a "terfavorit" but most do not indicate the existence of RD convincing in Indonesia, and by optimism banyakalah the fate of the fish stock.

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