Monday, March 30, 2009

learn tips tricks and economic accounting

1. Always return back lessons that have been obtained. Then read the short two-page material for the next search kerangkanya only. Once these lessons are teacher esoknya, you already have a picture or basically, live add that not only what you know. So the home school, you just repeat the course for the conclusion or summary.
2. Always try to listen to the concentration of full-time tuition at the school. Content that you hear will more easily be called back so you menghapal lessons.

3. Try to type the note back to the lessons in the computer. Logikanya, with re-entry means the type is the same with the re-read the lesson that you can just out of school. Materials that can be repeated before the memory stored in the brain for a long period of time. Better what you want to read or re-learn after the typewritten notes. Susah lupanya.
4. Another way is to re-read the lesson notes and then make a conclusion with the word-katamu itself. To be able terpatri long in the memory, before you write the conclusion in the paper secarik small seukuran card. Cards are effective to repeat a while and read a short leisure.
5. Always use a different note books on each subject. This was seen more regularly at the time, so you want to repeat a lesson we do not need to have to open all the books.
6. Repeat the lesson does not necessarily need to read or write. Teach another friend about the new materials that can be repeated always makes you remember akan materials. Good again, you become more familiar akan materials.
7. Study of sudden the test is not effective. At least a month before a retrial is the ideal time for repeat studies. The material is not a lot of problems. To do: always make a summary or conclusion on any subject, if need to use a table or a picture that illustrated easy to remember.
8. There are some friends who like to study in the afternoon. His body is still fresh enough after sleeping at night, so the spirit is still high. Good condition did not chase them as wasted time. Morning their full concentration on the lesson in class and concentration siangnya to repeat again. Night, only they use to do light activities or homework. So there is never a word begadang. May also tuh!
9. If the tired body, will make the difficult konsentrasinya. Some friends recommend for holiday's first sporting event or other physical activities a day before the test results public.
10. Learn while listening to music is cool. Select a quiet but music arouse. Classical music what kind of Beethoven Mozart can try. This type of music suitable for the accompany you during the task that the response is certain, kayaking mathematics, natural sciences or foreign languages. Guaranteed to learn the spirit will always contain a full and spirit.

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