Monday, March 30, 2009

Rich? Depending on Options

In Cashflow quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki diagram which is the source of our income. Ie, E for employee (employee); S for the self employed (freelance worker); B for business owner (business owners) and I for investors (investors).

Based on the above diagram Kiyosaki, one can obtain income / earnings in a way to work as employees, working in serabutan own, build your own business, and become investors (investors) in the companies that run other people.

According to Kiyosaki, in principle, each person can earn income from the four quadrant line. Quadrant which will be selected, that does not depend on what we learned in school. Sometimes even for behind. Evident in many examples around us. One of them is businessman Liem Sioe Liong, one of the richest in Indonesia, the only elementary school only. But thousands of employees spread across more than 500 companies that he owned, is a graduate from the best universities. In fact, many business school graduates who are from the United States, Europe and other. Not only Liem Sioe Liong-called ordinary Om Liem-which can be used as example cases. In the environment near many successful we are in quadrant B (Bussiness owner-business owners) is the educational background is not clear.

Therefore, according to Kiyosaki, the success of the income we get overflow from the quadrant that we depend on who select us. That is, we must find out what is indeed a value, strengths, weaknesses and our core interests. After weighing what the value, strengths, weaknesses and core of our interest, then select the quadrant where we as a source of income. Differences in the core of the four things that (the value, strengths, weaknesses and core interest-red.) Or a decline from our fourth quadrant.

Kiyosaki said that anyone can obtain abundant income and work in the fourth quadrant along to do it professionally. Professional work in the sense with a vengeance, not origin-derived.

For example, an elementary school teacher. He taught as a teacher's professional duty in the school place (an E), can also be S (self employee) with a casual work as a teacher in an informal education (eg courses).

At a certain stage, a teacher in elementary school can be a business owner (a B), for example, by opening a shop that employs a number of employees. He can then pay someone to run a professional business store. Thus he became owner of a store without having to participate in work.

The elementary school teachers can choose the business that are far outside the field of expertise. For example, open / agent into the fuel, while he himself still working as teachers. Or in other words, can the E (employee) as well as B (the owner).

At a certain stage, the elementary school teachers have also become a money embed in the credit union, banks, stock exchanges, companies, or other business. Thus, he also became an investor (I).

Working with elementary school principal as a teacher, a teaching institution in the course, the shops have run other people, to become agents of fuel, and infuse money / capital in the credit union, the sources of revenue such as that referred to in its cashflow quadrant Kiyosaki above. Thus, teachers have many sources of money income. And if one fails, then the other will cover the failure.

Kiyosaki make small notes of interest. According to him, words are important "revenue from ...". The most important is not what we do but more on how we earn.

Not difficult to become rich right? Well, why do not you try to start as soon what to do in the elementary school teachers?. Perhaps the financial condition of households you would be far better if you apply Kiyosaki cashflow quadrant above.

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